Design Challenge: Plastic Packaging

Plastics Messaging and The Issue

We have the plastic message very upside-down and need to change the way we all think of it.
Recycling isn’t a solution, it is a last resort. Plastic is a material that doesn’t degrade for thousands, and depending on destiny, sometimes tens of thousands of years. All of the plastic heaping on our planet’s surface and worst of all, oceans has predominantly created in approximately the last fifty years. It is not a substance that benefits anything or anyone once created as a single use substance. Instead of discussing failed recycling attempts, we need to immediately make, purchase and use, less plastic. This isn’t someone else’s problem, or an industrial issue. It’s you and I who need to stop purchasing plastic.

Your Ideas?

While some work on design and inventions to cull the plastic from our oceans, how would YOU rethink and redesign packaging to limit any additional threats to the ocean?
From water to daily lunches on the go, what should be used for packaging?
What about groceries?
Shampoo, beauty products, cosmetics?
It can’t all go in paper. Glass takes a great deal of energy to make and recycle.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is so often touted by agencies and consultants to talk about another digital app. We think about Design Thinking differently. It is the culmination of knowledge of multiple industries and sciences solving the world’s largest issues through design. We need to rethink design of systems, processes, materials and more to tackle what seem insurmountable challenges to our best future. Care to share your ideas and thoughts? The world needs them.

The huge mass of plastic waste floating in the Caribbean

A colossal ‘sea of plastic’ which stretches for miles has been found floating in the Caribbean.So is it time to change our plastic bottle behaviour? (Via BBC Radio 5 live)

Posted by BBC News on Friday, November 3, 2017


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