Announcing the 2018 Biomimicry Global Design Contest

For the third consecutive year, the Biomimicry Institute is holding their annual Biomimicry Global Design Contest.  The contest provides a means for students and professionals to creatively and effectively design new ways to address and improve our environmental impact.

Past winners of the $100,000 Ray of Hope Prize®, endowed the Ray C. Anderson Foundation include soil and water treatment and availability.  The contest offers shared ideas and discussions, that continue to inspire designers, engineers, thinkers, professionals and especially students to get involved with the nature inspired design of Biomimicry.

Registration opened in October and submissions are due in April, plenty of time for an idea to save the world.

Find out more about biomimicry, the design challenge, and register, volunteer or learn more. 

From the Biomimicry Institute site:
Our challenge is this: Create a nature-inspired innovation (a product, service, or system) that combats climate change by either:

  • Helping communities adapt to or mitigate climate change impacts (i.e. those forecasted or already in motion), and/or
  • Reversing or slowing climate change itself (e.g. by removing excess greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere).





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