Your Washing Machine Was Due for Redesign

Image credit:NTU

A Nottingham Trent University student, Dylan Knight, 22, has designed an alternative to the common washing machine that could mean a significant savings to CO2 emissions.

All clothing washing machines, whether top load or front load, have a spin cycle. This is a rather violent action contained within the washer which is stabilized from ‘walking’ across the floor by a large, heavy, cement block installed in the top portion of the machine.

Knight, with the help of his engineering professor, Amin Al-Habaibeh, designed a water container and system to fill a light, empty water tank in the same location at the top of the washer to act as the weight once installed. The result is a much lighter machine for shipping and installation meaning substantial savings in delivery and movement. As reported by the The Telegraph The result is calculated at a savings of  45,000 tonnes / 49,604 tons of CO2 for the washing machines sold in the UK in just one year. For comparison a new car emits 2 tonnes / 2.2 tons for every 10,000 miles.

An incredibly simple solution, but design thinking brings often about amazing and impactful ideas.


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